Rachel Venniker will no longer become the first woman to take part in the great race. At least for now. After falling on Saturday, she sustained some serious injuries, including concussion which resulted in her being suspended from racing due to the two weeks recovery.

Not gonna see

In the meantime Srino Moodley got approved with the original criteria of experience of the Hollywoodbets Greyville track. Shared the Winning Form-sponsored’s trainer Joey Soma in his interview with the Sporting Post.

Joey Soma acknowledged huge interest in taking up Serino’s place in the race but in this particular case he was the best bet. He was already working at Red Saxon and was all ready to go. So despite countless calls he received from other jockeys the choice was already made. As for Rachel’s injury Joey was positive enough to say that he expects to see her at the race already on Saturday. And that’s well expected, such a high caliber racer will probably not take a lot of time to recover, so hopefully Joey is right and we will see her on Saturday.

One thing’s for sure. If we are not gonna see the first female to compete in the Hollywoodbets Durban July, fingers crossed we’re going to get the first Indian Racer to take it home and get that shiny trophy this time around. We wish good luck to Serino Moodley, let’s hope our boy delivers it just right.

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